Sella NMS GUI; written to provide a cross platform (Java) front end for Sella NMS that is flexable and easy to use.
Graphical User Interface
Key Factors
Reliability Sella NMS GUI is coded to handle the unexpected. Any issue that could cause a crash or deadlock is tracked down and corrected.
Highly Configurable Sella NMS GUI is designed to give the user a great deal of flexability in how information is displayed and used.
High Performance All aspects of the system are designed to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible. Time consuming tasks are threaded to keep the Sella NMS GUI responsive.
Scalability Sella NMS GUI is designed to place minimum load on the backend system allowing hundreds of clients to be monitoring the network.
System Requirements
Supported Platforms Java v1.4.2+
Supported Databases MySQL
Suggested Hardware (x86 platform)
Minimum 686 500Mhz CPU w/256M of RAM.
Recommended 686 1.0Ghz CPU w/512M of RAM.
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