SellaNMS was created to provide an extendable high performance Network Management System with network discovery, monitoring and detailed reporting capabilities that keep up to date with a living network. As new devices and interfaces are added or removed from your network, the changes are automatically detected and handled.
Web Based User Interface
     A standard web based interface built on PHP provides a standardized access method for network professionals who require the ability to see the status of their network from anywhere in the world. Whether you are sitting at your desk or standing in front of a web kiosk at the beach, SellaNMS provides the ability to check the status of your network anytime and anywhere from any platform.
Key Factors
Reliability SellaNMS is coded to handle the unexpected without crashing. Any issue that could cause a crash or deadlock is tracked down and corrected. Distributed installs can allow SellaNMS to continue working even when server fails.
Highly Configurable The core scheduler and policy frameworks offers wide customization of SellaNMS's functionality. New modules can be created to support new protocols and/or devices. Modules can be added or removed on the fly.
Low Memory Footprint Memory usage is kept to a minimum by utilizing low memory algorithims, dynamically loading and unloading modules as they are needed. Data is written to the database as modules are still working, reducing allocated memory.
High Performance All aspects of discovery, and monitoring are designed to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible. Core libraries and modules are threaded to run in parallel avoiding blocking calls.
Scalability While a single server install can easily handle a network of thousands of interfaces and hundreds of routers, SellaNMS can be distributed across multiple servers adding additional coverage for a network of any size.
System Requirements
Supported Platforms UNIX based platforms (Tested on Linux 2.2.x and 2.4.x)
Supported Databases MySQL
Small Network (10 elements, 100 interfaces)
Minimum 486 66Mhz CPU w/32M of RAM and 256M of free storage.
Recommended 586 200Mhz CPU w/64 of RAM and 512M of free storage.
Medium Network (100 elements, 1000 interfaces)
Minimum 586 200Mhz CPU w/64M of RAM and 512M of free storage.
Recommended 686 800Mhz equiv CPU w/256 of RAM and 1G of free storage.
Large Network (500 elements, 10000 interfaces)
Minimum 686 800Mhz CPU w/256 of RAM and 1G of free storage.
Recommended Dual 686 2Ghz CPU w/512 of RAM and 2G of free storage.
Huge Network (1000 elements, 40000 interfaces)
Minimum Dual 686 2Ghz CPU w/256 of RAM and 2G of free storage.
Recommended Quad 686 2Ghz CPU w/1G+ of RAM and 4G of free storage.
*Recommendations may change as we receive more input from the community.
**Average input is defined as an average of 1 trap/min per element and 1 syslog/min per element.
Powerful Policy Engine
     The SellaNMS Policy Engine is a powerful configuration language designed to provide a flexable configuration environment for administrators that require a high level of custom behaviour without the need to spend time writing complex software modules.