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Postby gellnsh » Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:32 am

Hello, I'm trying to contol the results output of DGS Search but the $database[0]['desc'] = array doesn't seem to do anything. The Piece of my code that I'm working with looks like this:

$database[0]['searchField'] = array('NAME', 'DESCRIPTION', 'KEYWORDS'); /* The fields to search. */
$database[0]['returnField'] = array('NAME', 'DESCRIPTION', 'PRICE', 'BUYURL'); /* Fields returned from db. Can be used to sub into link, url and desc. */
$database[0]['link'] = '@0@'; /* The link used for results. */
$database[0]['url'] = '@3@';/* The URL used for display the data from your database. */
$database[0]['desc'] = array('@0@.'); /* The description to display. */
$database[0]['descWidth'] = '200'; /* The width of the desc for this entry. Set to 0 to disable. */
$database[0]['wildcard'] = 'both'; /* Wildcard support: none, left, right or both */

If you do a search at top right corner you will see the result is good with the exception of the html code which is what I'm trying to either get rid of or hypertext it to be 'Click Here' or something similar. If you can offer any help it would be very much appreciated.

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