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CBLM v2.9.2

Postby sella » Mon May 22, 2006 2:06 am

CBLM v2.9.2 has been released.

CBLM is a high performance latency (one-way and round-trip), packet loss and jitter monitoring probe. When run on two or more servers, a full mesh of connections is automatically setup between the probes. The full mesh of connections are used to transmit UDP packets between the probes. Statistics are collected and stored within a MySQL database.

This new version includes (ChangeLog includes full details):

- Added source/destination header on matrix view.
- Added ToS, OOO and Dup entries to list view.
- Reorganized functions into a more logical set of files.
- Finished out of order and duplicate packet detection and tracking.
- Modified transmit and receive threads to use a single socket each.
- Began using select() for send and receive.
- Different ToS markings must now be specified as seperate arguments.
- Added DSCP and precedence options in addition to ToS for easier use.
- Added support for setting priority at the same time as ToS, DSCP or precedence. This allows vconfig to set the VLAN priority seperately from the ToS marking.
- Added ttl and fragement knobs.
- Updated PHP frontend to support new backend features and menu.
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