PHREL v0.9.5

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PHREL v0.9.5

Postby sella » Sat Apr 15, 2006 8:27 am

PHREL v0.9.5 has been released.

PHREL is a per host rate limiter. It will track the rate of incoming traffic on a server and insert a chain into iptables when a configured threshold is crossed. The inserted chain may either rate limit or block the offending host for a period of time. The inserted chain is automatically removed when the offending host's traffic levels return to normal.

PHREL is particularly well suited to protecting nameservers (DNS) from random hosts that flood requests, and to preventing SSH brute force login attempts.

This new version includes (ChangeLog includes full details):

- Fixed several incorrect uses of memset() which prevented proper initialization of internal structures, causing seg faults on some systems.
- Updated MIB with enterprises number assigned by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
- Made promiscuous mode a configurable option and changed it's default to disable promiscuous mode.
- Lowered max chain size to 28 characters and shortened chain names due to length restrictions in Fedora Core 4. Reported by Bekar.
- Added configuration file support.
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